Acronis True Image is a comprehensive backup and recovery software designed for Windows systems. Here’s an introduction to its key features and capabilities:

  1. Backup Options: Acronis True Image allows you to create full system backups, including your operating system, applications, settings, and all your data. You can also choose to back up specific files and folders if you prefer.
  2. Disk Imaging: It provides disk imaging capabilities, allowing you to create exact copies (images) of your entire hard drive or specific partitions. This is useful for quickly restoring your system to a previous state in case of system failure or data loss.
  3. Flexible Recovery: You can perform full or selective restores from your backups. Whether you need to recover individual files or restore your entire system, Acronis True Image offers flexibility in recovery options.
  4. Protection Against Ransomware: It includes features like Active Protection, which helps detect and prevent ransomware attacks by monitoring for suspicious behavior in real-time.
  5. Cloud Backup: Acronis True Image offers cloud backup options, allowing you to store your backups securely in the Acronis Cloud. This provides an additional layer of protection against physical damage or theft of your local backups.
  6. Syncing and Sharing: You can synchronize files across multiple devices and share files securely with others using Acronis True Image’s syncing and sharing features.
  7. Security and Privacy: The software employs encryption to secure your backups and ensures that your data remains private and protected from unauthorized access.
  8. Scheduled Backups: You can set up automated backup schedules to ensure that your data is regularly backed up without manual intervention.
  9. Intuitive Interface: Acronis True Image features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and manage your backup and recovery tasks.
  10. Compatibility: It is compatible with various versions of Windows, ensuring that you can use it effectively on your Windows system.

Acronis True Image is popular among users looking for robust backup and recovery solutions, offering both local and cloud-based backup options along with advanced features for data protection.


Latest version
2020 Build 38600
Updated on
July 3, 2024
OS System


Acronis True Image
782 MB 2020 Build 38600
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