Some software posted on HiSofts has large capacity. To make it easier for users to download, HiSofts has used Torrent links. This download link is not like Google Drive which can be downloaded immediately but it requires software to download.

This does not mean that Torrent Link is difficult for users, but it is very simple and easy and the download speed is also very fast.

Torrent link (torrent link) is an online link that helps users easily download torrent files or start the file download process through the BitTorrent protocol without downloading traditional torrent files first. There are two popular types of torrent links (Magnet Link and HTTP/HTTPS Link to Torrent File):

Magnet Link

  • Concept: Magnet link is a URL containing information necessary to download files through the BitTorrent network, without the need for a separate torrent file.
  • Components: Typically, a magnet link will include:
    • Magnet URI scheme: Starts with “magnet:”.
    • Info hash: Unique hash code of a file or set of files, helping to identify and search files.
    • Trackers (optional): Tracking server address to connect peers.
    • File name (optional): The name of the file for easy identification.
  • How to use: Users just need to click on the magnet link, and the BitTorrent client software (such as uTorrent, qBittorrent) will automatically open and start the file download process.

Nhận diện Torrent link

Step 1: Installing a software to downoad Torrent file

There are many software from free to paid. Below are some software that HiSofts recommends to install (Install 1 of the suggested software):

Step 2: Download a Torrent file

After you click on the download button, the software will automatically receive the Torrent link and allow you to download as shown below:

Another way: In case you click on the download button, the window doesn’t pop up

In case when you click on the download button and the download window does not appear, you can copy the Torrent code and paste it into the software according to the following instructions:


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