Imagenomic’s Professional Plugin Suite for Adobe Photoshop (PS) is a powerful collection of tools designed to enhance image editing and retouching capabilities. These plugins are highly regarded for their efficiency, ease of use, and high-quality results, making them popular among professional photographers and graphic designers.

Key Plugins

  1. Portraiture
    • Purpose: Portraiture is designed for skin retouching. It smooths skin, removes blemishes, and enhances skin tone without losing texture or detail.
    • Features:
      • Automatic skin smoothing with adjustable controls.
      • Masking tools to target specific areas.
      • Batch processing capabilities.
  2. RealGrain
    • Purpose: RealGrain simulates the look of film grain, adding a natural and classic film-like appearance to digital images.
    • Features:
      • Customizable grain patterns.
      • Color and tonal adjustments to match different film types.
      • Fine-tuning options for grain size, intensity, and distribution.
  3. Noiseware
    • Purpose: Noiseware is a noise reduction plugin that effectively removes noise from high-ISO images while preserving detail and clarity.
    • Features:
      • Adaptive noise profiling for precise noise reduction.
      • Advanced algorithms to maintain image detail.
      • Presets for different noise levels and types.


  • Efficiency: These plugins streamline the editing process, saving time and effort compared to manual retouching and noise reduction.
  • Quality: The advanced algorithms ensure high-quality results, maintaining the natural look of the images.
  • Flexibility: Customizable settings and presets allow users to tailor the plugins to their specific needs and preferences.
  • Integration: Seamless integration with Adobe Photoshop makes it easy to incorporate these tools into existing workflows.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: macOS
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop (compatible versions as specified by Imagenomic)

Use Cases

  • Portrait Photography: Enhancing skin tones and textures for professional-quality portraits.
  • Event Photography: Reducing noise in low-light conditions typical of event photography.
  • Creative Projects: Applying film grain effects to achieve a vintage or artistic look.

Getting Started

  1. Installation: Download and install the plugin suite from Imagenomic’s official website.
  2. Activation: Follow the provided instructions to activate the plugins using the license key.
  3. Usage: Access the plugins from within Adobe Photoshop’s filter menu, where you can apply and adjust the effects as needed.

For detailed tutorials and support, Imagenomic offers a range of resources on their website, including user guides, FAQs, and customer support.


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